With help from knitting conventions, and sheep and wool festivals from around the country, knitters have come out of the closet. Once seldom seen, knitters are now center stage. This has led to an explosion of creativity, witnessed by the exhibition on knitting at the museum of art and design (01/25 - 06/17/07) in New York City.

You might not knit, but you can wear hand knit garments. Come to one of the shows listed or contact me by phone or email to place an order.

Garments available:

Knit a Mink Coat
Persian Lamb Jacket
Curly Mohair Jacket
Curly Brim Hat
Curly Mohair Shawl

Customers Include:
First Lady of WV, Mrs. Joe Manchin
Tamarack Foundation, gifted to Martha Stewart
Former First Lady of WV, Nancy Bulla

Yarn By Mills
Margy Mills
1769 Camp Run Road
Wallback, WV 25285

Phone: (304) 587-2561
Email: yarnbymills@yahoo.com



Shipping Information

All Packages are shipped priority mail, unless otherwise requested.
Average cost to ship a kit is $10.00.
Kits are usually shipped in one to two weeks.
Custom orders vary by labour.